The Special Commission of Inquiry into the Ruby Princess will hold public and private hearings in Sydney.

At its hearings, the Commission will hear from people identified by Counsel Assisting to appear as a witness and give evidence. People who are expected to appear as witnesses will be contacted by the Commission in advance of the relevant hearing.

The Commission’s public hearings are recorded and streamed live on the Commission’s website. A link to the livestream and recordings of past hearings is below.

In accordance with current health advice concerning the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, members of the media and the general public will not be able to attend the Commission’s hearings in person.

View the live stream of the hearings

Hearing schedule

The Special Commission will hold further public hearings on the following dates:

Week commencing 9 June 2020

9 - 10 June 2020
9:30 am (AEST)

Week commencing 15 June 2020

15 – 19 June 2020
9:30 am (AEST)

Week commencing 22 June 2020

22 and 23 June 2020
9:30 am (AEST)

26 June 2020
10:30 am (AEST)

Week commencing 29 June 2020

29 June 2020
2:00 pm (AEST)

Week commencing 6 July 2020


Week commencing 13 July 2020

15 July 2020
9:30 am (AEST)

17 July 2020
9:30  am (AEST)

Further information regarding the hearing schedule will be available in due course.


Transcripts of the Commission’s public hearings are published here as soon as they are available.

Submissions of parties authorised to appear at the Special Commission


Exhibits will be published shortly after they are tendered.